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Chandanalepa Ayurvedic Beauty Soap

Chandanalepa The Secret of a Healthy Radiant Skin

#01 Ayurvedic Cosmetics in SL

Chandanalepa Herbal Cream is the most populer and the best ayurvedic cosmatic in Sri Lanka.

Chandanalepa Veralu Pera Nourishing Herbal Shampoo Launch

Chandanalepa launched two new products.

100% Natural Oil base Moisturizing Body Lotion

Chandanalepa Moisturizing Body Lotion is the best body lotion you find not only in Sri Lanka but also in the world.

Our Achievement

Some latest awards we won, There are lot more ...

Chandanalepa Herbal Cream

The most popular herbal cream you will find in Sri Lanka.

Hebahinda Me by Sanka Dineth

Habahinda Me , Chandanalepa theme song by Sanka Dinith in 2015.

Chandanalepa Facewash

Chandanalepa Kohomba and Komarika Herbal Face Wash.

Chandanalepa Tv Commertial

Chandanalepa Herbal Cream TV Commercial in 2013.