by Sanjeewaka Ayurvedic Products (Pvt) Ltd.

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Mr. Missaka Ranasinghe
(Manager - Production)

Mr. M.D.D Niroshana
(Manager - Research & Develpoment)

Visit Us and Hear Our Reassuring Story

We at Chandanalepa warm heartedly and courteously welcome the younger generation and all contributive societies, with open arms, to step in to our organization, to share our success story with you.

We are sure to inspire and encourage you in winning life’s encounters. It is astonishing to reminisce the humble outset of Chandanalepa, in a 10” x 10” room, whilst today we have conquered the many challenges and diversified into a world class brand, which shelters plenty of under privileged families in the country.

The significance of our success is our dedication and determination. Come, swing by and you will be mesmerized to witness the formulation of a purely Ayurvedic product, that has contented many hearts, with their life changing brand and story.

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Don’t be afraid to dream big, just as we did. Please feel free to visit, call or get in touch with us, and we are prepared to inspire you with our story.

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Our stamina is our workforce

Chandanalepa has always maintained a high commendation towards our employees, which is the very reason, we are acclaimed as one of the organizations that hold a high employee retention rate in the country.

We pay utmost attention to all the needs and wants of our employees. We believe in creating a legitimate working environment, so that they have access to a pleasant working experience with us. We make sure they feel at home, with us at Chandanalepa.

With all due respect to other companies, we are honored to be able to offer the highest remunerations in the cosmetic industry. We aspire to be identified as a competent and respectful global organization that sets forth soul interest in our employees and their wellbeing while serving as a pillar of strength on their way towards success. Keeping in mind that we are one Team, one Family.